Italy Bridal Expo

Interview to Giotta Spose

Which are the factors that brought you to join the third edition of Italy Bridal Expo?

The first goal, in the marketing policy, is to consolidate national and international leadership in quality. Giotta Spose faces the challenge with renewed creative energy and an ultra decennial experience in creating high-class dresses.

Which are your target markets?

Is indisputable, in this time of economic crisis, the absolute need to expand our creativity and capture more market segments over the border, with clothes that are accessible to all budgets.

What's new in 2016 collection?

Always love for fashion bride, leads us to approach tradition and innovation. Novelties of the 2016 collection suggest a trendy look, based on transparencies, immoderate amplitudes, seductive necklines, scenographic embroideries, precious laces. All this brings to the forefront exclusive creations in exaltation of the white silk that gives the bride an indisputable charm.

What are the future plans of Giotta Spose?

At this time Italy sums of a ruined economy, so it suggests a quite disturbing future, based on hope and a greater international attention. The experience in quality, imagination and rationality points to a recovery in productivity in international markets. It 's time for reflection ......

Interview to Nadia Orlando for Creazioni Elena PDF Print E-mail

Which are the factors that brought you to join the third edition of Italy Bridal Expo?

The presence of Creazioni Elena in Italy Bridal Expo is mainly due to the interest of bringing our brand in Italy and abroad as synonymous of high quality Made in Italy. Being in Rome, the center of the peninsula, will allow us to monitor the market from a strategic point of view, geographically speaking, and anticipate Milan catwalks.

Sfilate Anteprima Collezioni 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Sabato 18 Aprile e Domenica 19 Aprile

Ore 11.30 - 13.30 - 16.30

Tra le innovazioni più importanti il Fashion Bridal Show di due giorni dal 18 al 19 Aprile che si svolgerà in un’aera dedicata all'interno del padiglione che ospiterà l’intera manifestazione.

La scelta di dedicare due giornate alle sfilate darà l’opportunità agli stilisti di presentare l’Anteprima delle Collezioni 2016 e ai buyer darà l’opportunità di ottimizzare la loro presenza in fiera così di poter assistere alle sfilate e contemporaneamente dedicarsi agli ordini.

A breve sarà on line il programma


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